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   Hi, I'm Ben, a co-owner of Rocketss and a chemical propulsion enthusiast. Much of the
material on this site comes from Rocketss, although most of it is my own personal work. I
experiment with rocket engines of all sorts, and jet engines. Most of my experiments are
aerial, so aerodynamics are built into most of my projects, although a few are designed for
the water. Everything done here is nonprofit amateur experimental rocket engineering. I
hope you learn something from this page, but it is here for informational purposes only, and
I hereby declare myself irresponsible for your use of any information on this server. You
must have an advanced knowledge of the field to safely carry out or replicate anything you
may find here.


Site last updated: Website and program under renovation, sorry for the downtime!

Sorry for the inactivity the past couple months! To sum things up,
I launched FireArrow III in August, with mixed success,
and a launch report will be posted in a week or two. I have
almost finished rebuilding FireArrow III, and hope to launch
it again within the next month, to work out all the little problems
it had during its maiden flight. Thank you for your patience!

The problem with downloading videos from this site seems to be fixed.
E-mailif you still have problems with them.
I have added the message board which is now open for discussion
of rocketry-related topics

Current Projects-Vehicle stabilized by gyros & moving fins with a mechanical
                recovery system: FireArrow series
Finished Projects-Marshmonster Series
                -Solid E20 booster
                -Liquid booster (very simple)
                -Electronic flash capacitor IC ignition system
                -Solid booster (G-class) to carry FireArrow series: Mastedon X
Future Projects-nitro hybrid rocket engine
                -Air-breathing hydrocarbon rocket

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