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Early and Simple Rocket Testing
PVC Nozzle Ejection (641Kb)
Collapsed Core and Meltdown (1.9Mb)
KNO3 and Sucrose 488 (495Kb)
Miniblue (794Kb)

More Recent and Advanced Rockets and Testing
(and much better quality videos)

2 Liter Clear Chamber Static Firing (119Kb)
Good but Lost in the Woods (and an enthusiastic camera-boy) (1.7Mb)
marshmallow grain burns in air (4.5Mb)
very nice except for minor burn-through(1.17mb)
first Rocketss E20 CATO(1.8mb)
large Kno3 sucrose PVC motor ejects nozzle during static-firing(442Kb)
FireArrow2 flying on a Mastedon X (G class), vehicle breaks apart!(2.3Mb)
ejection system test... too much BP? (1.8Mb)


    Welcome to Rocketss. The site is divided into two main sections, the Water Rockets section and the Pyro Rockets section.
    In each section you will find tutorials, links, and and a project registry. Because this site is always being updated with the latest information, please check back.