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Learn How to Make Money on the Internet!

If this 19 y.o. college student can make it work,
anybody should be able to!

If you would like to learn how to make money online, read on:

   Everyone likes to make some extra cash on the side. If you enjoy using your computer, and would like to make some extra money, this idea is for you! Unlike those crafty "make lots of money in no time" scams, this is a real method, you won't have to pay anybody to do it (unless you actually start up your own business or something) and it will earn you real money that you can spend. The two steps I would recommend are setting up a paypal account, and making a special e-mail account just for your online money-making plan.

   Before you begin, you need to understand that there are two primary reasons that money is transferred on the internet. One is advertising, and the other is sales. We are going to use other companies' advertisements to get you your money! This might not seem to make sense at first, but consider the following. These major companies want as many people as possible to read their advertisements. They will therefore pay smaller companies to persuade people to look at their ads. The only way these smaller companeis can do this is to pay people like you and me an incentive to look at the ads.

   The first way you're going to earn money is by signing up with as many of these smaller companies as possible. Most of these companies contact you by e-mail, which is why you will want to make a separate e-mail account just for this. I suggest using hotmail, that is what I use and it works fine. Just make sure that you check both your regular mailbox as well as your junk e-mail box, because hotmail will try to filter out some of the e-mails. Look at some of the links on this page to get you started.

   The second way you can make money is by filling out online surveys. When major companies are trying to come out with a new product, they want consumer feedback before they finish designing the product and put it on the shelves. You can answer serveys online about these products, and get paid for it! There's one catch though- some of these companies pay cash (the good stuf!) while others just give you sweepstakes entries or free offers. You may want these, but if you're like me you probably just want to go straight for the cash (although some of the sweepstakes give you a decent chance of winning a fair amount of money). Also, be wary of somebody trying to get you to pay to fill out surveys- this is a scam! Only apply to companies for free to fill out surveys. Look at some of the links on this page to get you started.

   The last easy way to make money on the internet is to advertise on your website. If you don't have one, don't worry! There are plenty of companies out there which will let you make a website for free. You can place popup ads, banner ads, etc. on your website and get money for every time they are viewed or clicked (depends on the company). Try to find company adds that are relevant to your website traffic. Google has a new system called adsense that can help you do this. Finally, to drive up the traffic your website sees, I would suggest buying a domain name. These aren't too expensive, and if you do everything right you will earn a lot more money through the ads than your domain name will cost. How do you think huge websites like hotmail and ebay stay in business? They make their money primarily through advertising, not their services. I hope you've learned something from my page, when I discovered how easy it is to earn some extra spending money on the internet I really wanted to share! Good luck!!!!

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